Aggregation and Energy Markets

Discover efficient ways to manage your asset portfolios

Certified energy traders

With our experience as certified traders and with a strong presence in software development, we perfectly understand both your needs and the demands of the energy markets.


We stay connected with the Energy Markets and provide a software solution that constantly adapts to the latest Energy Market trends.

Highly customizable

We enhance the efficiency of your assets with flexible tools designed to adapt to the needs of your organization.

Control and Flexibility

We propose and provide a software solution tailored to your needs.

With our experience we advise you about services the suit your needs and provide a customizable platform that allows you to participate in the Energy Markets with your own strategy and apply your own payment policies.

Accurate forecast production

We offer the optimal participation of PV systems and wind farms in the Energy Markets

We provide accurate production forecasts while simultaneously integrating your own participation strategy into our software solution.

Automated bidding and real-time updates

We stay connected with the Energy Markets

Joule simplifies the necessary procedures to participate in the Energy Markets by automated bidding, staying in constant communication with the relevant authorities and keeping you informed of all new developments. We provide a solution that includes monitoring, access to market data and performance analysis