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Software solutions that take energy management to the next level.

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Optimizing energy management for a greener and more sustainable future

With our extensive expertise and years of experience, our dedicated team delivers innovative solutions and services, designed to meet the needs of energy asset owners. Our aim is to optimize your operations and unlock the full potential of your assets.


Coordinated and efficient management of energy resources

Using jHub, a complete monitoring and management, virtual power plant platform, Joule integrates the technical monitoring of the assets with the energy markets to achieve the most efficient trading of energy possible. Management and use of electric vehicle charging stations is also included in the platform.


Energy management, easier than ever.

Ease of use

Access to your data from anywhere and anytime using jHub’s tools.

Integrated solution

A complete set of tools for all energy oriented tasks and businesses, in one platform.


Greater control and greater efficiency with our adaptable to your needs services.

Continuous development

Our platform is receiving regular updates to incorporate more and more features and tools, necessary even for the most specific task.

Energy production asset management

“Overclock” your energy production assets

Aggregation and Energy Markets

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