Join Joule's Network

Managing your charging points has never been easier

Your network is supported by an all-in-one platform, jHub.

With jHub's smart and user-friendly tools, the owner has the capability of remote monitoring and management of their station.

Through jHub, you can start and stop charging sessions, group users, and apply discounts.

Easy charging process

By scanning the QR code located on the charging point, the user selects the charging parameters and starts it without the need to create an account in our app.
As a guest, the user enjoys a seamless charging experience.


Focus on your journey.
Joule takes care of the rest.

Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier!

Simply sign up as a user, Plug in the cable, press the button, and charging starts automatically

Reserve a Charging Spot

From wherever you are, at any time you desire. Avoid waiting at occupied charging points.

Fast, easy, and secure payment system

Load your digital wallet through a secure banking environment and pay for your charging sessions quickly and easily.