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A Virtual Power Plant is a reinvention of the energy system. It is based on creating a network of decentralized power-generating units and on controlling them remotely with a real-time operating and intelligent system.  

This redesigned model does not only contribute to the evolution of the energy section while respecting the environment; it is also bound to advance your organization.  

HOW  it works

Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are used to generate electrical energy for distribution. The power plant model that we use consists of individual assets that are functioning as a whole, while each unit operates independently, relieving peak workload  

Another key feature is that our assets can optimize power consumption by smartly producing and consuming power at the same time. 

HOW  we do it

Our custom Virtual Power Plant software plays an innovative role to the coordination and integration of our system, as we are able to virtually control the networked units 

By ‘control’, we mean gathering data in order to provide information on the utilization of the assets’ capacity, as well as to precisely forecast future energy dispatch. At the same time, it means aiming to monitor and analyze markets’ data in order to participate competitively in energy trading.


Data visualization
Accessible from you via u
ser-friendly analysis tools, including regular reports   

As certified energy traders we bid and exchange intelligently the combined power generation and power consumption 

System adaptations according to the ever-changing energy situation, expandable and up-to-date software to meet your demands 

Cost- effectiveness
Due to aggregating decentralized producers and consumers

Respect to the environment 
By minimizing energy losses


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