Unlock new opportunities by participating in the wholesale electricity market. Our RES Aggregation service will support your active participation in trading. Our intelligent software system complements our trading services as we efficiently manage your energy portfolio with low representation costs. 

It is our business to utilize our in-house software systems for asset management, monitoring and 24/7 trading services in order to actualize the potential of your energy assets, while we perform direct, immediate payments daily. 

We manage an integrated business intelligence system, that consists of IT and machine learning infrastructure and efficient market simulation tools, that support the participation in the wholesale electricity market. We monitor your assets’ performancein order to forecast productionand, together with price forecasting, we avoid imbalances and achieve the best possible outcome for your RES production 

 We offer

immediate payments daily

optimized participation in power markets

regular reports

Towards that direction, our main role is to aggregate at low representation costs all producers’ energy supply as a whole and to offer it on the Energy Market. Through this aggregation, we can then significantly increase each producer’s revenue separately.  

As certified traders with specialized knowledge in the energy sector, we make sure that we stay updated on the ever-competitive growing energy market in order to optimize our participation towards achieving our shared goal.  We develop and successfully optimize a plan by evaluating the profitability of the following markets: Derivatives; Day- Ahead; and Intraday. We provide weekly and monthly reports, regarding your assets’ performance  

 Why choose Joule?

We increase your productivity and optimize your energy consumption by representing you on the energy market at a low cost.

We implement high performance systems and advanced analytical models to participate in power trading in a flexible and secure manner.

We fulfill your needs with professionalism and integrity and we create reports to keep you updated on the overall performance. 

Our trading and business practices conform with the legal and financial regulations that apply to the Energy Exchange.


Panagiota Kampili
Software Developer & Data Analyst
16 Gardelli str. 151 21 Marousi Greece
+30 210 6251511

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