Your energy, in your own hands.


Comparing to solar and wind power, that are only available on hours that the weather is sunny or windy, your home’s energy needs are ongoing during the day 

Energy storage lets you store electricity produced on your roof or remotelythat is ready to use whenever you wish, without being affected by the price, weather or time of the day.


By installing home batteries that supply energy directly to your house, you will become powerful enough to expand both your home’s sustainability and its self-sufficiency.  

Generating your own energy without having to depend on electricity providers will give you incredible flexibility and will let you manage your consumption efficiently.  You and your household can become autonomous 

Plus, there exist no supplier’s interventions to charging, as the system installed in your house pumps power when the price is at its lowest and covers your needs all day long, resulting in paying minimum electricity costsAll this while you transform your way of living to an eco-friendly one.  


Whether you are already running a photovoltaic system on your house, or are conventionally connected to the energy gridyou will be able to enjoy the benefits of our  Energy Storage- just by obtaining a battery system and our software application to manage it. It’s that simple.  

We manage energy intelligently and we conduct research for the installation and utilization of stored energy. You can benefit from this upcoming technology by storing energy in your battery system when production is larger and more profitable for you. You can then use it on your terms, even at night. This way we help you elevate your home’s sustainability and self-reliability.


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