Electric mobility for individuals

Redifining mobility. Having you in mind.

As electric mobility is rapidly evolving, and as petrol cars are gradually being replaced by rechargeable ones, you will find yourself wishing to move around the city in  an Electric Vehicle.

An EV ensures a pleasant driving experience, while it saves you time and money, as it has less requirements to operate– the charging sessions are fast, efficient and inexpensive.  

Apart from the individual benefits, by becoming an EV owner, you can help reduce ecological damage. Driving an EV minimizes carbon emissions, as they don’t run on fossil fuels. In fact, you are consuming electrical energy to operate and charge your vehicle. 

Of course, charging now becomes an essential part of your daily experience. 

By taking your needs as our starting point, Joule makes sure that you access to public charging points is easily. By working together with municipalities and businesses, Joule contributes to the availability of the charging grid, on locations that match your needs and spots that are easily recognizable. The combination of private and public charging points creates an integrated and reliable network that allows you to recharge your EV in most situations and locations. No longer do you have to stress anymore about recharging your car or over getting stranded while driving 

Simultaneously, Joule operates a platform that is tailored to your needs and preferences through which you can monitor your charging status; collect your user profile data; etc. Naturally, everything from Joule’s platform to the stations’ interface is designed to make your interactions simple and easier.   


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