Electric mobility for cities

Introducing e-Mobility. Discover what’s possible. 

Electric mobility paves the way to improving your town’s sustainability; you can promote an easily accessible eco-friendly way of living to your city’s community. Working with us will help you develop and operate an extensive network of public EV charging points. Our smart and safe charging technology, combined with our sleek modern design, will transform your city’s identity.  

Our core process involves conducting and providing research in developing our NEXUS network plan, determining the optimal locations for charging stations, that are compatible with different needs and objectives. Precisely, we take into account a variety of parameters, such as nearby spots: public parking lots; business areas; shopping centers; popular city attractions and parks; ports and airports; etc.), we always consider central town areas as a priority and we make sure that we avoid traffic congestion. 

After obtaining the infrastructure map, we present an initial approach of EV charging points by suggesting the amount and exact location of the stations. After coming to agreement with you on the finalized result, we proceed to installing the equipment. Our services expand into the operation of an integrated platform that allows access to charging data and that manages the connected EVs and charging stations. 


Dimitris Vavourakis
Project Manager - Electric Mobility for Cities
16 Gardelli str. 151 21 Marousi Greece
+30 210 6251511

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