about us

We are a group of young, passionate and independent thinkers who are unified by our mission to change the way the world uses energy. We thrive on solving big problems for our customers and we are driven by our innovation and determination 

Our mission

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to create value through the innovative use of energy. 

We represent energy producers from the wholesale electricity market andthus, we offer everyone the chance to maximize their revenue. 

We want to transform homes by equipping them with various smart ways of utilizing their energy.

We want to participate in the transportation revolution, as we make travel environmentally friendlier. 

We want to remodel cities by reinventing how they function and by creating a cleaner and more sustainable urban environment. 

Our vision

Keep innovating, keep moving forward.

We want to offer sustainable energy solutions to cities and to households as well as to contribute to a smarter electrical system for everyone.  

By moving beyond the concept of energy as a commodity and by exploring various market segments and building new ones, we can create new uses for energy, we aim to improve the energy industry.

Our core values

At JOULE, ethics lie in the core of our managerial and commercial operations. We work in good faith and deliver our services reliablyfostering and preserving trusting relationships. 


We hope that our mission has inspired you as much as it inspires us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!